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Textile recycling bin company unveils new, safer design to benefit charity
Delta Optimist | Mar. 15, 2019


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Clothing and household textiles make up 5% of the waste stream.

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Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 8AM-4:30PM
Bins are available 24/7

A Mitchell Island-based used clothing collector, Green Inspiration, has made its collection sites across the Lower Mainland and Victoria safer from trapping those trying to enter and retrieve items.

In 2017, Green Inspiration enlisted the engineering expertise of a California manufacturer to adapt all its bins with a geared-chute mechanism that denies physical access, other than the depositing of bundles or bags. A second moving baffle makes it impossible for a person to climb into the bin or become trapped within the chute mechanism.

New, Safe
Bin Design

New, Safe Bin Design

Green Inspiration is committed to helping the environment in a safe and beneficial manner by giving a second chance to discarded clothes and preventing millions of tons of used apparel from entering landfills. The collection program also helps support local charities such as the Royal Canadian Legion and the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC.

Richmond company makes clothing donation bins safer with retro-fitted solution
Richmond News | Mar. 12, 2019


Richmond company proud of eco-efforts to lessen the impact of fast fashion
Richmond News | Mar. 22, 2019


Put your old clothes and shoes in our collection bins. Several times a week, we collect the clothing from the bins. The items are brought to our warehouse where they are unloaded, packed and sent to our partners locally or around the world. Once they receive the textiles, they separate the clothing into different qualitative categories - the ones considered to be in good condition are distributed to second-hand stores in developing countries where locals are given access to much-needed affordable garments.

Lower quality clothing is repurposed into stuffing for car seats and sofas, building insulation or rags.

With the proceeds from the clothing, we are able to provide an easy way for people to get rid of unwanted items and, at the same time, support the local charities we work with.

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Reduce the need for landfill space

By supporting clothing reuse you are helping

Reduce the use of virgin resources (cotton, wool)

Reduce the demand for dyes and fixing agents

Save Energy

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