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We  are committed to speaking on behalf of the residents of Saskatchewan especially on key areas such as providing fiscally conservative alternatives stopping accumulation of debt, restoring funding to key core services and making our economy a priority.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan has established principles that are the base for our political philosophy. These principles are on the back of every PC membership.

They include: 

  • A heritage of freedom based on individual initiative, honour, integrity and individual moral responsibility in accordance with the law
  • Equal rights under the law for ALL without discrimination
  • Government as the servant not the master
  • Social progress based on the needs of people, not as a means to power

We are dedicated to developing a plan so that we can keep our local business, industries, trades, and suppliers moving our economy forward instead of sending hundreds of millions out of province. This includes leaving the New West Trade Partnership. We need a better deal for Saskatchewan. This is our commitment.

Our provincial government is operating without challenge, without having to provide accountably for their fiscal failures and ballooning debt. Our current opposition is ineffective at holding the Saskparty to answer for bad policies, poor spending practices and sending jobs and entire industries out of province. The NDP opposition are not a challenge for the  Saskparty and rely soley on the media to know what is happening in Saskatchewan. It is time to elect PC MLA’s to challenge spending, government policy and bad deals.

On behalf of myself and the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, we look forward to your comments and your support.

A message from our Leader Ken Grey

In Saskatchewan we have government that has grown too large, is too disconnected and just doesn’t care about you anymore. Moe’s government has been plagued by scandal, unanswered accountability, deficits and a record breaking 25 Billion in Debt. The SaskParty will do anything to remain in government unchallenged. They want the NDP to remain in opposition because the NDP are ineffective at challenging the government.

While you work hard and pay more and more to taxes, the SaskParty continues to spend in a Liberal like fashion. They continue to waste your money on monolithic projects that appeal to their vanity, but not to prudently spending your money. More and more the spending benefits SaskParty insiders, political elites and out of province buddies.

The NDP have become a weak an ineffective opposition, their policies remain unchanged in 30 years. The NDP are not an option. Under the NDP everything will be more expensive. Their only focus is pleasing special interest groups and keeping their union money flowing.

We want to make life easier. We have a plan to challenge the SaskParty by bringing Progressive Conservative MLAs to the legislature to represent a real opposition.

Saskatchewan is ready for MLAs that work for the people. Not just for insiders and friends, not just for union money, not just for special interests but for you.

We will prioritize Saskatchewan’s people and business first in all areas of government as outlined in our platform. We have no special interest groups to answer to, we work for you.

Had Enough Saskatchewan? Let’s get to Work!


Meet Our Candidates

Arm River
Steve Forbes

Regina Pasqua
Harry Frank

Regina University
Debbie Knill

Regina Coronation Park
David Coates

Adrian Janssens 

Regina Douglas Park
Sara Healey

Cypress Hills
 John Goohsen

Tony Ollenberger

Estevan Constituency
Linda Sopp

Last Mountain Touchwood
Victor Teece

Regina Rosemont
Christopher McCulloch

Regina North East
 Corie Rempel

Terry Sieben

Saskatchewan Rivers
Shaun Harris


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The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is the only true conservative party in Saskatchewan.

Making Saskatchewan Our Priority

Priority for Saskatchewan People and Businesses

Responsible Immigration

We will:

  • Push for more sustainable rates of immigration applications made through traditional legal methods.

  • Return to the foreign credentials recognition process to help qualified immigrants come to Saskatchewan and be able to contribute to the economy to their fullest potential immediately.

  • Our economy has slowed considerably since the Covid shutdown. We were already deficit and debt heavy before 2020.

  • We have the longest wait times for health services in the history of the province.

  • Oversized classrooms with limited resources due to years of cuts to education.

  • Crumbling infrastructure.

  • Limited affordable housing.

  • High paying jobs sent out of province.

  • Industries shut down or leaving the province.

  • And high taxes.

But….the Saskparty thinks 200000 more people with diverse needs is the answer! The Saskparty claims population growth but when you take out the out-of-country immigration Saskatchewan experienced a net loss population.

As a Province we need immigration, but the rate of immigration should match an actual need and not be just for a political narrative of “Growing Saskatchewan.”

Government Accountability

We will:

  • Introduce citizen-initiated referendum legislation – if population consensus supports major changes including topics such as separation, crown decisions, issues of morality and are supported by petition we will let the citizens of Saskatchewan decide through referendum.

  • Reduce the size of the Legislative Assembly – Saskatchewan has not grown enough to require an increase in the number of MLA’s – MLA’s in Saskatchewan are based on a per capita of 20000. In Alberta MLAs are based on an average of 50000 per capita. We propose moving back to 58 seats.

  • Disallow party advertising from Caucus communications funds. Tax dollars should never support party advertising. The Saskparty and NDP have both used these funds to promote their party.

  • Eliminate political pay for play – Contributions to political parties should come from individuals and not large corporations or unions. Governments should be acting on the best interests of the people of the province not their party donors.

  • Eliminate out-of-province political donations.

  • Introduce days during the legislative sitting for public to directly address the chamber and their MLAs and cabinet ministers.

  • Introduce MLA recall legislation.

Provincial Autonomy

We will:

  • Develop Saskatchewan Provincial police force – move away from the Federal RCMP by establishing a provincial Sheriff/ Deputy system. Additionally, allow for communities to set up local voluntary forces similar to volunteer fire departments and provide Peace Officer Training to volunteers.

  • Use the Not Withstanding Clause to fight for Saskatchewan rights including gun ownership, property owner’s rights and unfair taxation by Ottawa.

  • Challenge the Equalization unfairness by joining with other provinces to hold referendums to force the federal government to renegotiate.


We will:

  • Introduce Property Owners Right to Access and Protect legislation.

  • Provide Peace Officer Training for hospitals and other such institutions to relieve the civic and provincial Police officers from providing security for incarcerated patients while in hospital. Currently policing resources are often tied up at hospitals securing patients that are under arrest for their entire hospital stay for days and sometimes weeks. Resources would be better allocated by providing peace officers within hospitals for this purpose.

  • Propose Anti-Gang Legislation and community support to develop strategy to reduce gang activity.

  • Recommend tougher sentences for child sex and child abuse crimes with a one strike law.

  • Prevent out of province offenders from accessing Saskatchewan Social Services.

  • Support Gun ownership for legal law-abiding citizens.

  • Prevent the start up and operation of non-therapeutic and non-regulated massage parlors (Body Rub Parlors). These are often linked to human trafficking, lower property values and illegal activity and should be shut down.


Job Development

We will:

  • Scrap the New West Trade Partnership Agreement – bring back high paying jobs in trades, construction and supply services.

  • Reinstate the Potash Production Tax Credit – the SaskParty removed this credit as the industry was already struggling on the world market. The result – permanent shutdowns of potash mines, hundreds of jobs lost.

  • Reinstate the Film Tax Credit – The industry in Saskatchewan dried up with the removal of the tax credit. Meanwhile in Manitoba their film industry employs 2000+ Manitobans as cast, crew, and industry support staff. In the past ten years alone, about $1.2 billion worth of production has happened in Manitoba. Over half of that amount was spent in the province on salaries, services and supplies.

  • Manufacturers Tax Credit – Encourage manufacturers to set up in Saskatchewan by providing a business tax credit incentive. More goods produced locally creates a strong economy and jobs. Additionally, manufacturers that set up in the rural Saskatchewan will be provided further incentive to bring much needed jobs to rural communities.

  • Invest in the building of a heavy crude refinery in Estevan area


We will:

  • Remove the PST on goods the taxes that have already been collected on. End double taxed items such as used cars and used clothing.

  • Remove PST on goods that have the federal carbon tax applied. This will help offset the the impact to Saskatchewan businesses and consumers until there is a real will to challenge the federal government through all means at our disposal.


We will:

  • Provide a Green Portfolio for Saskatchewan Investors as a choice of the Saskatchewan Pension Plan

  • Support Pipelines as the most environmentally friendly option to provide transportation of our oil.

  • Support our Clean coal industry – Push Ottawa to exclude or “grandfather” in clean coal facilities instead of forcing the shut down of an entire industry.

  • Remove extra policing duties from provincial Conservation officers so they can provide focused conservation enforcement.

  • Support Nuclear options and support infrastructure upgrades. Currently our power grid infrastructure has deteriorated to the point that we could not support a nuclear option. Upgrading the grid will be our priority.

  • Ensure ALL Saskatchewan communities have access to clean drinking water.


We will:

  • Recommend Union recertification legislation. Union members can vote every four year to stay in a union or leave. 

  • We will introduce legislation to limit strike action to 30 days and then to binding arbitration.

  • Introduce Conscientious rights for medical professionals.

  • Ensure that nail salons and businesses offering beauty and aesthetician services have at least one journey person on staff and those performing services have had training through a certified SaskTrades and Apprenticeship recognized school. This is to ensure the safety and health of clients and is similar to standards for hair salons.

We will:

  • Allow Doctor owned public services such as sleep labs, minor emergency etc. as incentive for setting up in rural Saskatchewan.

  • Legislation to require parental or guardian approval for medical procedures requested by minors.

  • End hallway Health care by creating 1500 new long-term care beds over the next 5 years and add an additional $50 million in new support for Mental Health and Addiction services.

  • Save and plan for a new hospital in Regina. 

  • Hospital for Prince Albert – currently the SaskParty is spending $200 million just to STUDY the possibility of a new hospital for Prince Albert. We will put shovels in the ground.

  • Introduce legislation that prevents elderly couples from being separated in long term care.

  • Fund immediately long-term care facilities in Northern Saskatchewan – One in Buffalo Narrows and one in another Northern community.

  • Push for a medical transportation system for Northern and Rural communities.

We will:

  • Advocate for a second bridge to be built in Prince Albert. The current bridge carries up to 30000 vehicles per day by comparison the new Regina Bypass carries under 6000 per day. The bridge in Prince Albert has been needed for two decades and has been ignored by both the NDP and the Saskparty.

  • Increase the pace at which rural and northern transportation routes are upgraded.

  • Northern Economic Expansion – Northern business tax credit for new business start-up and expansion for northern communities.

  • Northern Mental Health Hubs – provide ongoing services by building two hubs for northern communities in collaboration with First Nations and Metis communities.

We will:

  • Support land-based learning curriculum as an elective. Grants will be provided to school that use the program. 

  • Support that students should learn about basic anatomy and the biology of the human reproductive system and that sex education at the elementary level should be the responsibility of parent(s) or guardian(s).

  • Provide teachers with a $500/year classroom supply budget. Teachers should not be paying out of pocket.

  • Move to upgrading all classrooms with smart board technology so that students and parents who wish to learn from home can still be part of the classroom experience.

We will:

  • Scrap the New West Trade Partnership Agreement and put Saskatchewan business and jobs first. All contracts and services will be sourced in Saskatchewan first, then to other provinces if unavailable locally.

  • The Saskparty signed the New West Trade Partnership Agreement in 2010. The agreement sends millions of dollars in contracts out-of-province even if the bid is only $1 less. Other provinces involved with the agreement negotiated caveats to keep their contracts in their provinces. The PC Party of Manitoba didn’t sign on until 2017 after caveats were added for them. The SaskParty signed on immediately without any caveats.

  • Thousands of jobs and hundreds of business’s closed just to save a few dollars to fix roads, cut trees, provide construction and services. Contracts leave the province; jobs leave the province and people are leaving the province too.

  • Liviable wage jobs – Lets get these back!


Rural and Northern Communities